With a dynamic background, Katzie has impacted a wide array of businesses through her creativity and skill in scaling a business.


The Breslin Bar and Dining Room- Pastry Department
Grand Hyatt New York- Pastry Department
RYE on Market Louisville, Kentucky Dessert Menu Development
Max Brenner International- Global Menu Research and Development


Grand Hyatt New York- Design Thinking Team Women's Lounge
Harmony Hotel Nosara, Costa Rica- Wellness Concierge Program
The Living Hotel Nosara Costa Rica- Wellness Concierge Program
Juice Press Menu Development
Harmony Hotel Staff Nosara, Costa Rica Self Care Women's Circles
Harmony Hotel Staff  Nosara, Costa Rica Health Coaching

Brand Growth

Max Brenner International- Franchise Development 5 new International Markets

Public Engagements and Think Tanks

Faith Popcorn's Brain Reserve Talent Bank
Ked's Brave Life Summit speaker
Papa Murphy's Brand Introduction Ambassador
Campbell's Camp Campbell Member
Max Brenner International Brand Spokesperson

Partnership Inquiries

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