Drury Lane

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c. 1820/1986/2012/2018

Drury Lane is where the Muffin Man lives in the popular nursery rhyme from the 1800s. The street name, while originally from London, is also the  birthplace the founder and author of Clean Enough,  Katzie Guy-Hamilton, who was born on Drury Lane in dear old New England.  With a zest eating Clean whole foods and just Enough sweets to share, Drury Lane lives on.

We choose to feed the people, with food that is Clean, whole and nourishing, and sweets that are just enchanting Enough in their simplicity.  The desire for an enriched life is shared with the friends that we serve through an ever changing bounty of prepared foods and treats made to add value to the everyday.


the rebirth of Drury Lane is popping up in 2018
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