I’m Katzie Guy-Hamilton, the Director of Food and Beverage of Equinox Fitness, nationally recognized Pastry Chef and creative, and author of Clean Enough

Coconut Cinnamon Dream Drink  Miracles: Actions Vs. Content- 15 before 30

Coconut Cinnamon Dream Drink Miracles: Actions Vs. Content- 15 before 30

I am in the midst of something fairly interesting: a cleanse (yes, I know) before two big events this month: my best friend's wedding and my birthday.  Cleanse, really?  When it feels right, it feels right.  Whatever your reason, a cleanse isn't a permanent life solution, however it can give you time and space to hit the restart on behaviors that are not working for you, reduce inflammation, slow yourself down and gain clarity on realities that you may have been ignoring, suppressing and or not letting go of.

I think that this is a moment of letting go, making space for all of the radically cool things happening in (my) life right now and frankly, getting to work on some bad behaviors I have been playing with.

I eat very clean: I walk my talk so to speak.  My approach with this cleanse is it is more about putting some thought into my actions vs. content.  My content is good: I love walnuts, fresh vegetables and fish, exercising, regenerating and pursuing that pretty cool thing that seems fairly tangible right now: my purpose.

My actions however haven't been in line with my purpose when it comes to some food (snack attack!) behaviors.  Take for example over doing it on portions and snacking.  Sure, it may be with apples, so you are good there on content, but the action itself is off. Are snacks bad for you? Absolutely not! Listen to your body.  Is over eating bad for you? Honestly, I think so, even if it is with something as holy as delicious apple.  The action isn't in line with your rhythm, whether you choose to think deeply about it or not.  With that notion arrived the desire to do a cleanse.  A real one as I think that the three and five day cleanses can be great for marketing, making a sale and feeling a little lighter. What about that spiritual awakening people reference when you go big and cleanse for ten or more days

This is what I am after, except well here is the catch: You can't be after it, you have to let it flow.  

Here's to letting it happen. I am five days in, past the treacherous three day hump. Feeling pretty capable when it comes to life.  Graduating from IIN this week (Yay Health Coach) and getting closer to realizing my dream of publishing Clean Eats | Dirty Desserts. These highlights are  definitely helping.

Did I mention: pureed young thai coconut meat with coconut water and a bunch of cinnamon is a gift from up above?

If you do anything this week, do this.

  • Coconut and Cinnamon Dream Drink

  • 1 Young Coconut (the white variety with soft coconut meat inside)

  • 1-1.5 tsp Cinnamon, ground

  • 2 tsp Lemon Juice

  • pinch Sea Salt

1. Drain coconut water into blender pitcher.

2. Using a soup spoon, scrape out all coconut meat from coconut into blender.

3. Add cinnamon, salt and lemon juice. Blend on high to liquefy.

4. Optional: Add 3 large ice cubes to make it a chill treat.

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