I’m Katzie Guy-Hamilton, the Director of Food and Beverage of Equinox Fitness, nationally recognized Pastry Chef and creative, and author of Clean Enough

Honey Butter

Honey Butter

For brunch this weekend, on your scone this morning, on your toast this afternoon.  I love this honey butter. The nuttiness of brown butter emulsified with your favorite honey to create a taffy like spread that will become a breakfast table staple.  I can't eat a Gibassier without it.

  • 450 grams Unsalted Butter

  • 900 grams Orange Blossom Honey (or your favorite honey)

  • 1 tsp Maldon Sea Salt

1.  In a heavy bottomed saucepan add butter and allow to melt.

2. All butter to begin bubbling, creating a milk foam on top.

3. Begin stirring slowly as the butter browns.  Be sure to keep the heat on low! Burnt butter is the offensive dark side of browned butter.

4. Once the butter is browned immediately stream in honey, whisking.

5. Continue whisking until the mixture is emulsified and opaque.  Alternatively you can use an immersion stick blender to emulsify the sauce.

6.  Whisk in sea salt and allow to cool.  

Store in Fridge

This spread can be used room temperature or warmed to a silky perfection

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