I’m Katzie Guy-Hamilton, the Director of Food and Beverage of Equinox Fitness, nationally recognized Pastry Chef and creative, and author of Clean Enough

Valentines Day 2019 Ideas

Valentines Day 2019 Ideas

Certainly, a day about companionship and joy.  Whether it is a romantic partner, dear friend, family or a time to take a little self-retreat. Being your own best friend or a great companion, with a sweet skill to boot, is just Enough of the good stuff for sweet moments.

Treats, the sometimes food, made with love and care are on the menu for this Valentine’s day.

I broke it down into all possible scenarios and what to create for that sweet and memorable bite.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Chocolate Puddin’

This luscious, lick the bowl clean dessert is all about connection. Dollop the chocolate puddin’ into your favorite single size serving bowl, and top with soft whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  Place two spoons in to share for a cheeky end to Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s with Family

Soft Chocolate Tart

Master a perfectly silky-smooth ganache poured into a crispy tart shell. Sprinkle with flaky sea salt and serve at the family table with a sharp knife and pie server for a portion perfect for all.


Friends Gathering

Fudge Blitz Milkshake

Surprise your friends with Fudge Blitz Milkshakes after your Valentines, Galentine’s, or friendship supper. I love serving milkshakes after an elegant meal to shake up the status quo. Serve with paper straws and long iced tea spoons for a let’s continue the conversation dessert.


Whipped Mascarpone Cream with Fresh Strawberries and Raspberries

Delectable mascarpone whipped with a whisper of vanilla and orange zest. This will be your new favorite sweet pantry item. Serve with fresh fruit to dip, grab a good book: I am reading Be Fear Less by Joan, and enjoy this little vacation from life.


 Recipe from Clean Enough: Get Back to Basics and Leave Room for Dessert © Katzie Guy-Hamilton, 2019. Photography © Brian Kennedy, 2019. Reprinted by permission of the publisher, The Experiment.  Available wherever books are sold.


Valentine's Day 2019: Chocolate Puddin'

Valentine's Day 2019: Chocolate Puddin'

White Chocolate Gingerbread Max ‘Wich

White Chocolate Gingerbread Max ‘Wich