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My Perfect Roasted Chicken

My Perfect Roasted Chicken

There are a lot of recipes out there for roasted chicken.  When done well, roasted chicken is the juicy and nourishing  ultimate simple Sunday supper.  When overcooked its everything that is not craveable.  Everyone has a spin on roasted chicken.  My traditional bird has a bit of herbed goat cheese slipped under the skin before roasting.  This one gets a wee bit fancier as it is stuffed with tarragon and black trumpet mushrooms, finished with sweet of-the-season muscat grapes.

Oh yes, this is a delicious meal. 

I like to cook my roasted chicken breast side down.  Personally, I think the bird stays juicier. I have also always been inclined to cook my bird at 475F but now opt for 460F as to not smoke out my house from the sizzling drippings.

What else?  Buy a good bird. Pasture raised, local, fresh.  When it comes to poultry and any other meat or fish for that matter, if you are going to eat it then buy it consciously.  Enjoy it as it will taste that much better than the chopped chicken in your lunchtime salad bowl!

Roasted Chicken

  • 1 Each Pasture Raised CHcien ** a great weight is between 3.25 and just under 4 pounds.

  • 2 Cups Black Trumpet Mushrooms

  • 1 bunch Tarragon

  • 1 Cup Muscat Grapes.

  • Garlic Cloves (optional)

  • 1 large carrot

  • Salt/Pepper/Olive Oil

1. Wash the mushrooms by placing them in a water bath to let the dirt fall to the bottom. Skim off the mushrooms and dry them on a towel.

2. Cut the carrot into small sticks to act as an oven rack on the bottom of the roasting pan.

3. Drizzle carrots with a small amount of olive oil and place in the bottom of your roasting pan.

4. On your board, place the chicken breast side up. Loosen the skin on the bird and place mushrooms under the skin.  Season the skin with salt and pepper and rub with olive oil, flip over.

5. Loosen the skin on the back side of the bird and stuff with remaining mushrooms. Season with olive oil (rub) and salt and pepper.

6. Place bunch of tarragon inside the cavity of the bird (* I hope you removed the giblets!) and add garlic cloves if you desire.

7. Place bird breast side down on top of the carrot sticks.

8. Place in 460F oven and set a timer for 45 minutes.

9. At 45 minutes, quickly place the grapes on top of the bird. (They will all fall over to the side. and that is okay)

10. Allow to roast for 10 minutes more.

*If my chicken is 3.25 pounds I roast it for 50 minutes. If it is just under 4 pounds it definitely goes for the total 55 minutes.

11. Remove the bird from the oven and allow to rest for 10 minutes. 

12. Remove the chicken breasts and slices to serve. Remove the legs and thighs and serve whole.

13. Spoon any fallen mushrooms and grapes over the cut chicken breast to serve.

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