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Make Your Own Tonics

Make Your Own Tonics

Tomorrow it is going to snow, almost 2 feet.  Rather than downing a grapefruit, orange and turmeric drink I plan on continuing to make my own tonics. 

The recipe is easy and flexible.

I love to combine my favorite juice: right now it includes (carrot, orange, ginger and turmeric) cold pressed and add it to hot water in a 50/50 ratio or sometimes with a bit more hot water.  

  • 4 ounces Orange, Carrot, Turmeric and Ginger Juice

  • 6 ounces Boiling Water

  • pinch, cinnamon

  • 1. Combine in a hot mug and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Why?  The juice is more soothing, sure this heats up the juice- but I much prefer the soothing hot juice tonic to chugging an ice cold orange juice.


What else can I do?

Add tea!  Brew a bag of your favorite tea: chamomile for example.  Add this hot chamomile tea to a delicious green juice loaded with apple.  You have an excellent hot tea tonic.

Chai tea?  I love adding this to a ginger based juice or shot for a powerful warming tonic.

Carrot juice?  This tastes excellent with hot water and a bit of cinnamon.  

Beet juice?  Beet, pineapple and the like all taste excellent mixed with 50 percent boiling water.

How about matcha?  I love hot water mixed with matcha, apple juice and lemon. It is heaven sent.

Go ahead, make your own soothing beverages that are soothing and nutritious (and hey your juice will last twice as long)



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