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Goats Milk Truffles

Goats Milk Truffles

I love these truffles that are in no way "healthy" but are definitely happiness packed, easier on the digestion, easily refined sugar free magic bites.

Evaporated goats milk lends an almost caramel like flavor to these truffles and when paired with raw honey, you end up with a bit of magic.

Dark Chocolate is all the rage- I often suggest going for 70% cocoa solids as darker can end up a bit chalky and 64% I reserve for other baking endeavors outside of chocolate truffles.  

20% butter is the common go-to ratio for chocolate truffles.  The butter lends an incredible mouthfeel and melt to the truffle ganache.   I utilizing goat's milk butter instead of grass fed cow's milk buter.  Did I mention goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk?

Let's not overthink this one and make a tray of treats that are excellent gifts, perfect for designer edible arrangements and great for a chocolate fix.

Goats Milk Truffles

  • 360 ml Evaporated Goats Milk

  • 480 grams Dark Chocolate- 70% (I love Guittard chocolate disks now available at WholeFoods

  • 180 grams Raw Honey (orange blossom is great)

  • 120 grams Goat's Milk Butter Unsalted

  • Cocoa Powder Brut (don't bother using alkalized cocoa powder. invest in this)

  • Additional Chocolate For Coating

  • Maldon Sea Salt

Truffle Ganache

1. In a small saucepan bring evaporated goats milk to a boil.

2. Add honey to hot milk and pour over chopped dark chocolate.

3. Allow to sit for one minute to melt. Add softened goats milk butter and salt.

4. Using an immersion stick blender, emulsify mixture making sure to keep the blender wand

completely submerged as to not incorporate air into the mixture.

5. Pour ganache into a Pyrex dish or a plastic wrap lined tray and allow to sit at room temperature

for 8 hours to set and crystalize.

6. Do not put the ganache in the fridge at this point! The smooth mouthfeel from the ganache is

in part due to the slow process of the ganache setting slowly.

To Coat

7. Melt additional dark chocolate in a glass bowl.

8. Place a generous pile of cocoa powder at one end of a tray.

9. Scoop tablespoons of ganache and roll slightly to make round.

10. Coat your hand in dark chocolate and roll the ganache balls in chocolate to coat.

11. Toss the truffles in cocoa powder and allow the finished truffles to roll to the cocoa free side of

the tray.

12. Store in the freezer for 3 weeks or at room temperature

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